I know, right!?


I know, right!?

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Judith reunites with her family —

Through the eyes of the mothers who have lost their children

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Oh internet…


Fuselage on Flickr.

If you look back at my last flickr photo you will see a FedEx plane. We got a chance to go inside and see what it’s all about. And yep, as I did suspect, cargo plane = empty ass fuselage. It was cold as hell waiting in line for this but fun in the end. Don’t think I’ll ever be inside of a cargo plane again.

Updating me blog a bit

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Tail on Flickr.

It was a very rainy day at Pearson where we spent nearly 3 hours waiting in line to go inside of the FedEx plane at the Pearson Street Festival. Quite an experience

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sitting here beinf sad bc i really want a birchbox subscription but i don’t get it canada. this is my life

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Never forget.

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Hey, I like your comics. Keep it up man.

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School is going to be killing me this year so I can’t do a movie a day but this should be interesting and more than doable.

As I watch them I’ll be reviewing them here. The criteria is that each film has to be something I haven’t seen before and something I watch all the way through. Only films…

Doing this on my personal blog.

I need an interesting project to keep my sane in my last year of school.

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Taking off on Flickr.

Amazing photo from the active airfield at Toronto Pearson. Went on a tour with my boyfriend and we absolutely loved it. Great experience! I recommend everyone who can to go and see what it’s about. It’s free and so much fun seeing these huge planes so close up.

Check out my badass picture

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I don’t like this

It’s available on Amazon, with prime shipping. I’m getting 20.

This stuff is AWESOME

if I could figure out a way to disinfect it I’d encourage work to by a ton of it

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the face

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Benedict takes it on the face for charity.gif

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Benedict Cumberbatch ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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