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Some reactions from the premiere of The East


Actor-co-writer @britmarling & co-writer director Zal Batmanglij delivered a taunt eco- terrorism thriller in The East. Really dug it. #fb

So @z_al said they dumpster dived for  The East with @britmarling and often ate food thrown out by nice grocery stores & was fine! #Sundance

So @Britmarling says she & Zal learned to hop trains & dumpster dive for food one summer when they were researching fringe groups years ago.

@z_al and @britmarling have made a really powerful film. The East is topical intelligent and emotional. Very sophisticated filmmaking.

THE EAST (From the writing/directing team of SOUND OF MY VOICE) has mostly positive buzz, but apparently a step down from SOMV. #Sundance

K, now outrageously positive reviews for The East are pouring in. Batmanglij’s Sound of My Voice was decent, but had a disappointing ending.

For the record! Really liked “The East.” Brit Marling is so good! And the story is mostly pretty tight. #Sundance

RT @mbaratz: The director & cast of The East, including Ellen Page, ate out of dumpsters. For weeks. #sundance2013 (seriously, go see this when it’s out)

RT @slashfilm: LOVED @z_al’s The East starring @britmarling. Great followup to Sound of My Voice. Amazing what they can do w/ a good budget #Sundance

RT @firstshowing: The East - Whoa. I am floored. That was incredible. A powerful thriller that left me tense until the end. Zal hits a grand slam. #Sundance

The East solid thriller fare. Threatens to run away with itself early on and more predictable than it thinks it is.

The East was definitely my JAM. Tight, tense, topical thriller that keeps moving and never stops. #Sundance

Brit Marling is on stage the Eccles Center dressed like a member of the Tal Shiar. Google Image search this later. Who is starting the fake Twitter acct for Brit Marling’s Futuristic Pants? #sundance

THE EAST: Effective, very well-crafted, socially conscious thriller. Not unlike a FIGHT CLUB for the #sundance crowd.

RT @clmuddjr: No disappointments - #theeast w/ @BritMarling astounding, riveting, excellent writing, direction #Sundance

RT @ParysLu: #theeast was incredible!!

Batmanglij thanks @foxsearchlight; calls them their new film family. #Sundance #TheEast

Batmanglij/Marling prove #SoundOfMyVoice wasn’t a one off coincidence. #TheEast has a terrific pace; suspenseful throughout. #Sundance

Not only did The East actors practice method acting, but they practiced acting out each other’s roles. Weirdly perfect for a cultish film.

Just saw the premiere of “The East.” Brilliant & timely. If the Leviathan was a film, it would be this. Strong female leads. Just amazing.

Another good one!  Batman and Brit Marling’s “The East” is a very smartly assembled thriller about undercover snooping on eco-terrorists…

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