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Tom Hardy on Bane’s voice:

I was talking with Chris Nolan and said, ‘I have a voice for Bane.’

He said, ‘Okay.’

I said, ‘It’s based on something I saw on YouTube.’

He said, ‘Okay.’

I said, ‘It’s the voice of a Romany bare-knuckle fighter named Bartley Gorman.’

He said, ‘Okay.’

And then I did the voice.

— Lmao Chris Nolan.

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Memento & The Dark Knight Rises note:

Christ Nolan told Tom Lennon that the Doctor he played in both films is the same doctor.

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Happy Birthday, Christopher Nolan!

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"You’re never going to learn something as profoundly as when it’s purely out of curiosity."  (x)

Happy birthday, Christopher Nolan!

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just sayin’

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Rick, what are you doing…with Bane…in the 1800s?

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Chris Nolan and Tom Hardy

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bane’s not interested in any of this

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Please Santa, I need me some of this.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Christopher Nolan and the similarity between Bruce Wayne and John Blake.

The young actor plays John Blake, a Gotham City police officer who proves his mettle to Commissioner Gordon and becomes one of his most trusted allies.  He also shares a connection to Bruce Wayne in that he, like Bruce, is an orphan. 

He looks up to him because of that,” Gordon-Levitt says.  “I can understand wanting to find that commonality with somebody.  I think that’s one of the many things that really distinguishes the way Chris approaches these movies.  Ultimately, what he’s concerned with is well-rounded, nuanced, honest human characters.  And that’s the case whether you are talking about Bruce Wayne or my character, John Blake.  They feel like human beings, and, as an actor, that’s inspiring.  Chris is really an actor’s director and even amidst all the spectacle and all this huge production value, he always prioritizes getting a real honest performance from his actors.  And that’s obviously a lot more fun for me.”

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Disappearing ink with Tommy & Bane.

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The searchlight...fixed.

Gordon runs his fingers across a brand new, steel Bat symbol...

He looks up into the night...
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Nolan noted that actor Liam Neeson, who starred in “Batman Begins” and briefly in “The Dark Knight Rises” as Ra’s al Ghul, was a godsend.

"The great thing about Liam is he can sell anything," the director said, before recalling one of the film’s earlier scenes between al Ghul (then going by the alias Ducard) and his pupil, Bruce Wayne:

"They’re sitting by the fire and there’s this line I wrote. Liam says, ‘Rub your chest. Your arms will take care of themselves.’ And I pictured Boy Scouts all over the world freezing to death because I just made up this thing. I don’t go camping, I have no idea. And he says it and you believe it!"

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