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Joseph’s tiny head will be at the Oscars tonight representing Lincoln.

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Joseph is directed by Steven Spielberg behind the scenes of ‘Lincoln’

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Stills from Lincoln featuring Joseph.

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Joseph in a scene from Lincoln.

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Sassy DDL [X]

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Louie” is recreated as “Lincoln” in Louis CK’s SNL episode.

(PS: In the 4th gifset, they actually recreate the infamous middle finger that a random person flashed at the camera and it makes it live on air. It’s so quick and out of focus that no one at Standards and Practises ever notices.)

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Lincoln’s other battle front is in the White House itself. His wife Mary Todd (Sally Field in one of the more sympathetic portrayals of Lincoln’s “mad” wife I can recall) still suffers depression, as does Lincoln, from the death of their son, Willie.

So when her Harvard son Robert (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) demands that his father let him enlist, she just as adamantly insists her husband will do no such thing. Thus the president, in the midst of the political fight of his life, finds himself torn between his wife and eldest son. (x)

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Apologies if my tumblr is kinda Lincoln-heavy at the moment but I just…

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Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Day-Lewis stand in the background as Sally Field tears up the screen in another scene from Lincoln.

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First clip of JGL & DDL in Lincion:

Robert (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) pleads with Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) to enlist.

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Sally Field and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Interview for LINCOLN

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Louie" is recreated as "Lincoln" in Louis CK’s SNL episode.

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