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"You’re never going to learn something as profoundly as when it’s purely out of curiosity."  (x)

Happy birthday, Christopher Nolan!

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Hannibal Lecter is as close as you can come to the devil, to Satan. He’s the fallen angel. His motives are not banal reasons, like childhood abuse or junkie parents. It’s in his genes. He finds life is most beautiful on the threshold to death, and that is something that is much closer to the fallen angel than it is to a psychopath. He’s much more than a psychopath, and there is a fascination for us. We can’t understand it, but we want to understand it. (Mads Mikkelsen)

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Mad Men, you are sadistic.

On Mother's Day: "My mother can go to hell." (Pete Campbell)
On Father's Day: “My father has never given me anything.” (Sally Draper)
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I tend to think that pretty much every great work of art is a composite of other great things that the artist has seen. (x)

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On his feminist upbringing:

My mom brought me up to be a feminist. She was active in the movement in the 60s and 70s. The Hollywood movie industry has come a long way since its past. It certainly has a bad history of sexism, but it ain’t all the way yet. It’s important to acknowledge that there’s a lot of patriarchy and sexism in mainstream movies. And I did want to tackle that. I wanted to make a mainstream movie that looks at some of the habits that our culture is in.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Christopher Nolan and the similarity between Bruce Wayne and John Blake.

The young actor plays John Blake, a Gotham City police officer who proves his mettle to Commissioner Gordon and becomes one of his most trusted allies.  He also shares a connection to Bruce Wayne in that he, like Bruce, is an orphan. 

He looks up to him because of that,” Gordon-Levitt says.  “I can understand wanting to find that commonality with somebody.  I think that’s one of the many things that really distinguishes the way Chris approaches these movies.  Ultimately, what he’s concerned with is well-rounded, nuanced, honest human characters.  And that’s the case whether you are talking about Bruce Wayne or my character, John Blake.  They feel like human beings, and, as an actor, that’s inspiring.  Chris is really an actor’s director and even amidst all the spectacle and all this huge production value, he always prioritizes getting a real honest performance from his actors.  And that’s obviously a lot more fun for me.”

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Louis CK on women’s thongs:
It’s like having a lacy rope scraping your anus.
It's just looks so painful IDK.

JOHN BLAKE - “Is a passionate young police officer who shares Batman’s vision of a crime-free Gotham City. Blake quickly formed a strong bond with Jim Gordon and has learned a great deal under his guidance.”

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“I basically like to watch movies and eat.”

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I feel u bb

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"You couldn’t call him a hero. He’s sort of a lost soul and not a happy guy and not a good guy, particularly at the start of the movie. It is sort of a redemption story."

~ Joseph Gordon-Levitt on his character, Joe, in Looper (2012).

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Ellen Page talks about her tendency to be a little know-it-all (x).

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Stop being so amazing, you asshole,
said Christopher Nolan, probably.
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Rave reviews of JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT’s performance in The DARK KNIGHT RISES:

(Note: THESE DO NOT CONTAIN SPOILERS, but many of the full reviews that I’ve linked do contain spoilers for the film.)

Manarchy Magazine

Last, and certainly not least, is fellow Inception-alumnus Joseph Gordon-Levitt. To say anything specific about his role is to give away integral parts of the movie. Suffice to say, he is by far the best supporting character of any of the three Nolan Batman films, eclipsing that of the venerable Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth.
As Blake, Gordon-Levitt is earnest without being bland
Herald Sun
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is equally impressive as an idealistic young cop on the rise
Gordon-Levitt is perfectly understated as the principled everyman who rises to the occasion without fuss or showmanship. If Nolan’s Inception pushed Gordon-Levitt towards the leading-man A-list, this could be the final nudge he needs.
Rolling Stone
…idealistic young cop John Blake (a sensationally good Joseph Gordon- Levitt)
Huffington Post
Joseph Gordon-Levitt adds a youthful presence as John Blake, an up-and-coming member of the police force who inspires Bruce to revisit his own childhood as an orphan. Gordon-Levitt as solid as always
Screen Daily
Gordon-Levitt first worked with Nolan on Inception, and he’s such a likeable, empathetic presence that one feels John’s vulnerability as he tries to live up to the image of goodness
Awards Circuit
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is superb as a decent young cop devoted to right, not unlike Gordon in his youth
ABC News
Gordon-Levitt is every bit the actor Christian Bale is and seeing him and Bale go toe-to-toe is thrilling, if you’re into that great acting sort of thing.
Badass Digest
Runner up for MVP is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. John Blake is a do-gooder cop whose personal journey is the most dramatically interesting thing in the film. Levitt takes Blake from rookie to hero
5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a very good day at the office as John Blake. He makes such a good action hero: the lone cop who believes in the discredited Lt Gordon that you start to believe he would make a better alternative to the costume clad Wayne. Whether it be attempting to save a bus full of orphans (yes, this is a comic book adaptation) or running through a hospital with a shotgun, Gordon-Levitt hasn’t looked this good since Inception.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s virtuous rookie cop is the stand-out
The Wrap
Gordon-Levitt takes what could have been a flatly earnest flatfoot and imbues him with a real sense of purpose and passion
…the character who lingers longest in memory is an average Gotham City cop named John Blake, wonderfully played with human-scale clarity by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Reel Views
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a welcome addition, proving that it is possible to inject new blood into an established mythology
Mercury News
Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives a wonderful performance as young police officer John Blake, who plays a big role in the film.
Faster Times
the most promising of these is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as a clever beat cop, looking good and growing into the movie
City Weekly
Gordon-Levitt brings a relatable human touch.
Screen Crush
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a surprisingly convincing badass as John Blake … JGL is as good here as he’s been in anything he’s ever done. He’s one of the finest true young movie stars we’ve got right now.
LA Times
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who brings welcome texture to the role of the idealistic Gotham cop John Blake
For all its pomp and grandeur, though, The Dark Knight Rises is practically stolen outright by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake
Gordon-Levitt gives additional oomph to his detective-with-a-heart-of-gold,
Thankfully, the rest of the cast is equally impressive including Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an idealistic police officer who sees past the corruption that surrounds him
USA Today
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is affably noble as dedicated police detective John Blake
and the reliably terrific Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an idealistic young cop
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Gotham Police Officer John Blake, continues to establish himself as one of the best young actors in Hollywood. Though we are only introduced to Blake for the first time in this movie, Gordon-Levitt infuses him with a strength and richness of character that makes us feel like he has been in the series the entire time
Also triumphant is Gordon-Levitt as Blake
But he’s a worthy addition to Nolan’s world and Gordon-Levitt continues to mature as a movie star. The once long-haired adolescent from 3rd Rock from the Sun continues to announce himself as a major Hollywood presence.
Hero Complex
For those of us who followed Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s career from “3rd Rock From the Sun,” there’s no doubt that he has come into his own.
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Christopher Nolan on his Oscar prospects:

“The academy’s been incredibly good to me and my films, and it would be churlish of me to complain,” Nolan said. “Really, we’ve been honored by the academy in more kinds of different ways, and very importantly to me, Heath Ledger winning the best supporting-actor Oscar. These are things that mean a lot to me.”

Still, wouldn’t it mean more to win that directing Oscar himself?

“That would be terrific, but at the end of the day, they owe Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock a lot more than me, you know what I mean?” Nolan said, citing two Hollywood greats who never won the directing prize. “It’s kind of like, get in line.”

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